Deepest Gratitude to my students
who make me want to be a better teacher


“Danielle is one of a kind. She lights up a room and has great energy which is incredibly infectious. Her classes are terrific and her new technique incorporating weights with yoga is genius. As an instructor, she is the perfect combination of both tough and gentle — so she pushes you while always being really encouraging. Plus, she’s an amazing cook and has tons of healthy recipes that she shares with her students.”
Bobbi Brown, Founder and CEO. Bobbi Brown Cosmetics…

“Danielle is an extraordinarily gifted teacher. By sharing her expertise with generosity, humor and attention to detail, Danielle creates a challenging yet nurturing space where her students can continually explore and grow. Taking a class led by Danielle is a deeply gratifying experience
for both body and soul.” Claudine O.

“Danielle Diamond is one of the most impressive and insightful yoga teachers I have yet to experience.  She brings a warmth and confidence to her teaching, a knowledge of the mind and body connection, and you always feel like you are in masterful hands.  She gives adjustments, explanation, and feedback throughout and yet just the right amount so as not to interfere with the flow and practice, both mentally and physically.  There is always a theme and sequence to her classes which inevitably leads to an ‘ah ha’ moment of revelation of what you just accomplished at the end.  She pushes you to reach for your best that day, which might be a wonderfully aligned downward dog or a handstand without using the wall.  A combination of encouragement and a gentle nudge to take it to the next level is her style.  It works beautifully for all levels, and on any given day.  She is my teacher in more ways than simply demonstrating or teaching me a particular yoga pose. “  Amy A.

“Since I started Xen Strength yoga with Danielle, I have noticed my yoga practice improve. I feel stronger then before and I my joints feel much better. I love it and take it at least once a week.” Pete Valerio

“Within  a month of practicing Xen twice a week, I noticed a change in my body:  my arms were more defined, thighs and glutes more shapely, and I could  feel my body getting stronger and more toned.” FD

Xen Strength is an awesome workout that elegantly tests the limits of your endurance. It’s a fun filled, grueling hour that strengthens and lengthens muscles I didn’t know I had. Kudos for Danielle for finding a way to make weight training joyful. JW

“I was relatively new to yoga when I was lucky enough to find my way into Danielle’s class.  Now, after a couple of years or so of classes – mostly with Danielle – I feel pretty competent and confident in my practice.  She makes it fun!  Not only is she technically wonderful, giving instruction that makes sense to novices and experts alike, but Danielle maintains a lighthearted, upbeat approach that has just the right touch of yoga philosophy (I’m one of the people that is “here to work out”) and she plays terrific music to boot!”    Will H.