Deepen Your Practice

Check back for the latest scheduled workshops. 

If you are a studio or corporation and would like  Danielle to teach a workshop or host a wellness seminar, please email

Sample workshops include: 

Inversions: A two and a half  hour workshop incorporating headstand, forearm balance, handstand, and shoulderstand. 

Detox/ Twisting: A two hour sweaty vinyasa flow incorporating twists on your feet, hands, back and sitzbones. Discussion on the benefits of twisting and detoxing, plus which organs are involved, and how the diet affects detoxing. 

Chaturanga Challenge: A two hour exploration of chaturanga as the foundation for various arm balances. 

Introduction to Xen Strength Yoga with Weights: This workshop will introduce people to adding weights to their vinyasa flow practice. This workshop is for all levels, and can be tailored to any standard flow your studio may teach. 

Give the Gift of Health

 Wellness Seminar: A 30, 60, or 90 minute seminar on how to incorporate wellness into your life; whether at home, at work, or traveling for business or pleasure. Danielle discusses how to incorporate small changes that make a big difference in relation to diet, exercise, and meditation. She has presented this workshop to both executives at the Bobbi Brown Corporation, and to Bobbi’s team of international make-up artists.