Hips Too Tight? Try This:

If you've ever been to a  yoga class where the teacher announced she has sequenced the entire flow around hip opening, then you've witnessed the sound of a collective "ugh" at the thought of it. Why do we have such disdain for practicing poses that help to open the exact muscles that are the tightest? Usually it's because the tightness and possible pain you feel in your hips bears a direct correlation to any emotional pain, anger, fear, anxiety, or depression you may be holding on to. The Read more [...]

Obstacles on the Mat as a Metaphor for Life

This morning I taught a yoga class that focused on balancing in varying poses using different body parts as a foundation- the hands in handstand, one foot in tree, the belly in dhanurasana, etc.  When we got to navasana, using the sitz bones as the foundation, I threw in a variation with a block for "fun." A loud unanimous grunt was heard,  followed by a slew of complaints:  “I’ve never done this before,” “This is so hard,” “I wasn’t expecting this.” I explained that the Read more [...]

Stress Less, Smile More, and Slim Down this Holiday Season

I love the holidays! I mean, I love most things about the holidays. Ok, honestly there are a just a few things I truly love about the holidays. Downtime with my family.  Cooking special meals for those I love. Decorating the Christmas tree. And the extremely raucous and competitive Yankee Swap party my friends host every year.... I mean how could you not love a bunch of tipsy grownups fighting over quirky gifts! The rest of it.. the traveling, the present buying, the present returning, the Read more [...]

Off the Mat….Living la Dolce Vita

Last week I returned from spending an incredible two weeks in Italy, where I taught yoga, practiced yoga, hiked the trails of Cinque Terre, and ate more pasta and gelato than should be legal for one person to consume. The trip was nothing short of amazing, but what I'm even more grateful for are the lifestyle upgrades I acquired while there, and am working hard to preserve now that I'm back. The Italians have a way of living, that is perfectly described in the phrase "La Dolce Vita," which Read more [...]

Meet Tara Stiles, The Rule Breaker

You may know Tara Stiles from her You Tube videos, in bed doing yoga with no makeup and tousled hair- looking radiant. Or maybe you discovered her through her much talked about kinship with Deepak Chopra, read one of her many books on yoga, or taken a class at Strala, the hot NYC yoga studio she founded. It doesn't really matter how you've heard of her, the point is- she's everywhere. Declared by Vanity Fair as the "Coolest Yoga Instructor Ever," Tara is back as yoga expert, with her new book Read more [...]

Back to School: Not Just for the Kids

Oh how I love September- it's like the new January.  A time to reconnect to our goals, get back to routine, send the kids back to school, and even go back to school ourselves. I've been practicing and teaching yoga for 15 years now, and as much as I love getting on my mat or meditation cushion each morning, sometimes I need more than my own motivation to get inspired. That's why a few times a year, I check out where my favorite mind/body teachers will be hanging out, and I make sure to get there. Read more [...]

My Go-To Nutrition Guru: Holli Thompson

  I don't just trust anyone with my well being anymore... from my acupuncturist, to my holistic MD, I choose the people who take care of my health very carefully- including those who have taught me what to put on my plate. Today I want to share with you a short interview with my good friend, and Holistic Health Coach, Holli Thompson. Although I've always been up on the latest and greatest health information, sometimes it's hard to sift through what's important to pay attention to and Read more [...]

The Last “Last Hurrah”

I hope you're having an incredible summer, full of sun, sea, sand, and adventure. I've been on vacation all week in Florida and woke up this morning feeling like I've had a few too many "last hurrahs." You know what I mean.... it's summer, you're at BBQ's, bringing the kids for ice cream more often- maybe a few extra margaritas just because. During the year you might find it easier to pass on the extra indulgence, but it's summer, it's hot, why not just one more night of "treating yourself?" I'm Read more [...]

When NOT to Practice Yoga

A few weeks ago I went to visit some friends in Richmond VA, (which was just voted the happiest town in America by the way), and fell in love with it. I always like to visit the local yoga studio when in a new town, and my friend recommended taking an ashtanga class. I hadn't practiced ashtanga in about 7 years, but knew the sequence, and was looking forward to a re-introduction to the practice. The teacher was great, and so was the class, up until the point I landed in chaturanga from a handstand Read more [...]


  It’s been a while since my #LoveYourAsana challenge, and I’ve gotta say, I’m SO excited to tell you about what’s next! From July 14 - July 28 I will be co-hosting #ModifyJuly, an Instagram challenge where I will be teaming up with Brendon Payne (@SequelLife_BP) to focus on modifications for common yoga poses. Modifications are often overlooked in many social media yoga challenges, and it can be discouraging when you see someone in a pose that you struggle with because you're Read more [...]