The Last “Last Hurrah”

I hope you're having an incredible summer, full of sun, sea, sand, and adventure. I've been on vacation all week in Florida and woke up this morning feeling like I've had a few too many "last hurrahs." You know what I mean.... it's summer, you're at BBQ's, bringing the kids for ice cream more often- maybe a few extra margaritas just because. During the year you might find it easier to pass on the extra indulgence, but it's summer, it's hot, why not just one more night of "treating yourself?" I'm Read more [...]

When NOT to Practice Yoga

A few weeks ago I went to visit some friends in Richmond VA, (which was just voted the happiest town in America by the way), and fell in love with it. I always like to visit the local yoga studio when in a new town, and my friend recommended taking an ashtanga class. I hadn't practiced ashtanga in about 7 years, but knew the sequence, and was looking forward to a re-introduction to the practice. The teacher was great, and so was the class, up until the point I landed in chaturanga from a handstand Read more [...]


  It’s been a while since my #LoveYourAsana challenge, and I’ve gotta say, I’m SO excited to tell you about what’s next! From July 14 - July 28 I will be co-hosting #ModifyJuly, an Instagram challenge where I will be teaming up with Brendon Payne (@SequelLife_BP) to focus on modifications for common yoga poses. Modifications are often overlooked in many social media yoga challenges, and it can be discouraging when you see someone in a pose that you struggle with because you're Read more [...]

Why You Always “Get What You Need”

 “Remember that sometimes not getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of luck.”  ~Dalai Lama This morning I was in a rush. I normally make a huge effort to move throughout my day with ease, however after teaching a private and taking a leisurely yoga class, I felt "behind" on my work and didn't have time to waste....not for red lights or landscaping trucks carrying huge trees, which force them to slowly roll down the double lined, one lane, no passing street.  All I WANTED was for the Read more [...]

5 Tips for Practicing Yoga at Home

  You slept through your alarm for the 6am, you were driving carpool during the 9:30 am, and now your boss wants you to stay late and you'll miss the last yoga class of the day. Sound familiar?  There is something so energizing about practicing yoga surrounded by others, in a class at your favorite studio, but what's one to do when you can't make it there? No, you don't skip it, silly, you set yourself up at home with all the tools you need- then you can roll out your mat, no matter what Read more [...]

5 Things Yoga Taught me About Business

 I took my first yoga class 17 years ago, without a thought that getting flexible, strong, and calm would ever actually turn into a career. I'm so grateful to have found something I've got such a passion for, and am able to share with my community. It's been a great journey since launching my Xen Strength brand 3 years ago; filled with much success, but also many bumps in the road. Luckily, lessons learned from my yoga practice have helped me to move forward in my business, and also balance Read more [...]

The Big C

Around Valentine's Day, in yoga classes all over the world, you'll find teachers sequencing their classes around backbending and heart-opening, with a side of dharma usually relating to the heart chakra, love, or one of the four immeasurables- compassion. Why? Because it's hard to be practice love and compassion toward others with a heart that's been closed off for the purpose of keeping it protected. The rounded shoulders, sunken chest, and general appearance of a body folding inwards doesn't Read more [...]

Yoga as a Mirror for Life

  Have you always wanted to start a yoga practice, but weren't quite convinced it was worth it? Maybe you didn't want to "waste time" just stretching, or heard it was some cult-like, religious thing.... I'm happy to tell you neither is true. From personal experience, and that of my students, I can confidently confirm that this is what happens when you decide to incorporate yoga into your life, and that includes meditation: Once a week: you’ll get soreThree times a week: you’ll get strongEvery Read more [...]

My Dirty Little “Resolution” Secret

  Happy 2014! There's something so refreshing and exciting about the start of a new year; a blank slate. A chance to renew our commitments to what's working in our lives, and a chance to let go of what's not. Resolutions, goals, dares- whatever it is that will help you have your best year yet, I say go for it!  What's my dirty little "resolution secret?" Well, I never actually made one. I decided a few years ago, that the idea of a "resolution" per say, didn't put me in the right frame of mind Read more [...]

The Best Gift To Give This Season

The greatest gifts you can give someone are your time, your attention, your love, and your concern. ( unknown) I usually start my holiday shopping in early November, way before there is any chance of getting trampled to save a dollar, and no worries that they'll run out of gift boxes. I go out of my way to buy thoughtful presents for each person on my list, something I know they will love and put to good use.   Last year, however, I realized that what I wanted most from those I love is more Read more [...]